Hit the Wall
by Ike Holter
WaterTower Theatre, 2017

Scenic Design: Jocelyn Grigorie
Lighting Design: Jason Foster
Costume Design: Ryan Matthieu Smith
Sound Design: Kellen Voss

Featuring: Kelsey Leigh Ervi, Joshua Gonzales, Walter Lee, Gregory Lush, Camille Monae, Stephen Rosenberger, Raushaun Sibley, Garret Storms, Jacie Hood Wenzel, Brandon Whitlock and The Mystics: Ivan Dillard, Lina Reyne, Girard Bendiks

That’s the world of Ike Holter’s HIT THE WALL, a regional premiere of a hit show that starts with a sizzle and ends with an explosion, at WaterTower Theatre. It’s the first show selected and directed by the company’s new artistic director Joanie Schultz, and it augurs well for the theater’s future as a company that challenges the mind and the heart.
— Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News

Winner of DFW Theatre Critics Forum Awards for

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