Howlround: Following the Knowing

Sarah Rasmussen and I had a great conversation about arts leadership, and Howlround published it in 2 parts!

Part 1: Following the Knowing
”In a recent conversation I had about those moments of intuition, I decided to rename it “knowing.” When I know something, I know something. It’s not intuition. It’s not something magical. I have to trust that so I can convince everyone else. And, if I end up being wrong, then that’s the challenge of leadership.”

Part 2: Taking Leaps in Leadership
”The other thing I learned was that what the community thinks they are and what they say about themselves is not necessarily what they are. Maybe in their own way they do support the values they avow. But there are deeper hidden things and agendas. And there’s history. A community doesn’t necessarily have anything they can measure itself next to. Whereas us coming in from the outside, we do. We can go, ‘You say that you really want this. But I think actually it’s this thing.’”