Glowing Reviews for FRIDA...A SELF PORTRAIT at KC Rep!!


The World Premiere of FRIDA…A SELF PORTRAIT is open at Kansas City Repertory Theatre! This unique play written and performed by Vanessa Severo is so beautiful and unique, I couldn’t be more proud of the work!

“…the essence of Severo’s play isn’t easy to encapsulate. But that doesn’t mean the work is abstruse. It means Severo has attempted a level of sophisticated storytelling we seldom see from playwrights in Kansas City or anywhere else.” -Robert Trussell, KC Studio

“This Frida is a colorful and imaginative composition of pop-out scenes that flow one to the other. Taken in as a whole, this truly original work is a deeply affecting drama that leaves an ineradicable imprint.” -Deborah Hirsch, The Pitch

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